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What I do

I help people tell their story, share their message, and reach their audience through clear and thought-provoking writing, detail-oriented editing, and straightforward guidance on how you can share what you have to offer.


You've got the message, the product, or the idea. I've got the experience and skill to put it into words and ensure you're speaking direcly to your audience.

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You've done the leg work in crafting your piece, but you need to be sure your words are clear, coherent, and error-free. You need an editor - that's where I step in.

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You want to publish your work, but you're not sure how to go about it. With a decade of experience under my belt I can help you navigate the publishing industry and avoid the slush pile.

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Hi, I'm Jessica Antony!

I’m a writer, editor, and consultant.

I’ve always been enthusiastic about researching, sharing people’s stories, and using language to affect change. I love writing and I’ve done a lot of it for myself and for my clients, but I also love helping other people polish and fine-tune their own words so that they can be confident that their message is being clearly received.

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Featured Work


Always a Student, Never a Master

John Zabawa is a California-based freelance artist and graphic designer. We talked about how he got into freelance work, where he finds inspiration, and what's on the horizon for his artwork practise.

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About Canada: Disability Rights

September 1, 2020
Copy Editing
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As a writer, I specialize in writing personal profiles, straightforward website and marketing copy, and valuable content marketing pieces. As an editor, my expertise lies in non-fiction books (both academic and trade), research reports, and articles. You can see a few samples of my work below. Keep scrolling and you'll find my Writers Series and Medium articles.


Augmented Reality

In this piece for Sherpa Marketing I explain the foundational elements of AR and how small businesses have used it in their ecommerce efforts.

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'Me We Everybody': These Winnipeg kids are making art that reflects their Canada

In this piece for CBC Arts, I interviewed Josh Ruth, Managing Director of Art City, about the after-school art program's first curated exhibit.

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Using Design to Effect Change

In this piece for EQ3 Stories, I explore the ways in which architectural choices can influence and control the ways in which we move in public spaces.

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Making Artwork Accessible

California-based artist, Mike Upton, creates screen-printed works on canvas and paper, as well as metal sculpture. We talked about his process, his inspiration, and his goal of making beautiful artwork available to everyone.

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About Canada: Disability Rights

Copy Editing

Making Space for Indigenous Feminism, 2nd Edition

Copy Editing

Connecting the Circle: A Gender-Based Strategy to End Homelessness in Winnipeg

Copy Editing

Walmart: Diary of an Associate


Stolen City: Radical Capitalism and the Making of Winnipeg

Copy Editing


In this ongoing series I talk to writers about their work to better understand the victories, challenges, and motivations of those of us who write for a living. Speaking with other writers helps to make connections with others in the industry and learn how to better face the challenges that many of us share in common (but may not recognize).

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Featured Article

It Was Capitalism All Along: Imposter Syndrome is Bullshit (and That’s Even More Clear During a Pandemic)

May 8, 2020

It’s been about two months since the coronavirus pandemic has kept most of us inside and, unsurprisingly, shit has changed. We’ve all had so much more time to think about what’s important to us, who’s important to us, and what just doesn’t sit right with us when it comes to the ways in which our little worlds operate. Pre-pandemic, feeling inadequate as a self-employed woman felt like a hilarious, evil rollercoaster that went from “I am an Independent Woman and I can do this!” to “Why didn’t anyone tell me I am a moron for attempting to make money on my own oh my god I need a Real Job.” I’ve written about Imposter Syndrome before — pieces that provided tips on pushing back against it, how to manage it, and, eventually, calling it out for the BS that it is. But honestly, there’s nothing like the world as we know it screeching to a halt to really shine a light on how capitalism is truly designed to screw us all.

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