About Me

I'm Jessica Antony. I write, I edit, I teach people how to write and edit.

My goal is to help people tell their stories, share their experiences, and spread their messages. I help people accomplish this through clear and coherent writing, detail-oriented editing, and straightforward guidance on how you can share what you have to offer.

My work style is centred around collaboration and problem solving – I love to work with clients to find creative ways to utilize the written word to make their argument, sell their product, or share their ideas.

I’m committed to equality and social justice, so if you’re looking for someone who can not only write, edit, or advise but also champions inclusivity in both language and content, you’ve come to the right place.


I have a master’s degree in Media Studies (Concordia) and training in book publishing, book editing, copy editing, structural/stylistic editing, and creative writing (SFU, Ryerson). I worked for ten years as a managing editor at a publishing company while also doing my own writing and editing work. I teach a writing course at the University of Winnipeg where I help my students develop their voices and critical reading and researching skills. I’ve been a career mentor at both the University of Winnipeg and University of Manitoba, as well as a guest lecturer at the University of Manitoba. I'm the Media Coordinator for the Manitoba Powerlifting Association - and a powerlifter in my spare time - as well as a member of the Manitoba Editors’ Association.


I’ve edited everything from text books and academic articles to trade magazines, press releases, and novels. I’ve provided feedback on short films, consulted authors on obtaining a literary agent, provided manuscript feedback, and helped to develop marketing strategies for books and online publications. I’ve developed and delivered workshops on conflict resolution and communication skills, leadership, and content creation. I’ve written articles for CBC, web content for marketing and corporate clients, blog posts, grant applications, chapters for books, and have written and edited my own text book. I love to take on unique and interesting challenges and I’m always open to discussing a project, big or small.

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Whether you have a specific project you need help with or you’re interested in talking about how you can get your ideas on the page, I’m happy to talk shop.

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